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ESSArch Access

Access is the interface to Consumers. It provides services for receiving and resolving inquiries from Consumers. A Consumer can be interested in statistical data about one or many archived objects. The collection of information about objects can be of more interest than the object itself, sometimes. If an inqury is authorized and an object is inquired a Dissemination Information Package is created and delivered. Access can be compared to a search engine that not just gives you answers about objects but also the objects themselves.



The process Access is represented by 9 steps. First an inquiry is put together according to what's been stipulated in Submission Agreement. It is thereafter handed over and resolved. The character of the inquiry can be a request for either assistance, query, report or order. If order is requested a Dissemination Information Package, DIP, has to be created from an Archival Information Package, AIP. Of course, the inquiry needs to be authorised to be processed.

Information about objects, where to find, where it is stored, how it is stored etc are found in Data Management, DM, the information services. DM gives us all the metadata (information) about objects that we need. We use the information to fetch AIP from storage, perform a quality check to qualify it's the right object and not altered etc. The quality check is only neccessary if an order request has been performed, otherwise only result sets from DM are delivered to Consumers.

When an AIP is fetched the module DIP Creator extracts the AIP and creates a DIP according to our Submission Agreement. Another qualification step occurs, in order to secure that the DIP structure is whats been expected by the Consumer and PreAccess (preparation of DIP for Consumers). If everything is qualified, delivery of the DIP is done, preferably to PreAccess.

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