Ramverket ESSArch stöder er i era funderingar från idéstadie till fullskalig lösning för digital långtidslagring ...

En introduktion till bevarande, digital långtidslagring och elektroniska arkiv ...

ESSArch Consumer

If Producers are delivering information to the archive, Consumers are the ones asking for the archived information. Consumers and Producers can be the same but not neccessarily. How the archived information are delivered and presented should be regulated in the Submission Agreement and if Consumers equals Producer, it could be stipulated in one agreement, if not, two separate Submission Agreement shall be created. Consumers are also a good source for measurement of performance. How well do we fulfil our responsibilities and what is our performance index?



Consumers are as Producers built upon 3 process steps. First we need to negotiate about requirements and we have to come up with an agreement, a Submission Agreement. How often we shall deliver, what are the expectations on us, how can we perform etc are important questions. The main purpose for the archive is, after all, to preserve and maintain archived information for long-term so that it can be retrieveable and readable in the future when asked for.

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