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ESSArch PreIngest

PreIngest is a very important piece of the puzzle to make the interaction between producers and archive usable and advantageous. It gives us the possibility to make unstructured information structured according to our Submission Agreement. Information package structure shall be used as agreed. Often the producer (system, person etc) are not set up as required by the archive and its preservation principles. The purpose of PreIngest is to facilitate and create information packages suitable for the archive receive function.



PreIngest consist of 3 steps. First we receive a package delivered from the Producer. It can be structured according to our Submission Agreement which in that case simplifies the creation of the Submission Information Package (SIP). If not, it needs to be restructered in the way we stipulate in our agreements. What we use is a SIP creator module, a transforming module, combining both personal and technical resources, striving for automation. SIP Creator includes preparation for transport by using package context metadata and checksums regardless data carrier. Finally the SIP is shipped to the archive.

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