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ESSArch Producer

ESSArch has adaptability to meet many different requirements. It can be used for static or dynamic archives and based on your existing environment integrateable in many ways. To clearify and answer questions like who, when, why and how archiving proccesses shall be organised and proceeded by ESSArch, as well as any other EAS (Enterprise Archive System), we need agreements between Producers, Consumers and Archiving Management. It includes several factors like preservation planning, administration, regulations, preservation principles and technical tolerances. All this are settled in a Submission Agreement (SA).



Normally the process to create a SA involves 3 steps. First we present an example of a SA, an example to serve as the basis of a discussion. Together we go thru the table of contents and often it ends up with parts not agreeable due to circumstances we don't possess and therefore needs to be negotiated with external resources. The next step is to compromise where needed and finally come up with an agreement.

The Submission Agreement includes content usable for design, development and adjustment of ESSArch. It should be from a producer perspective as well as a consumer perspective and regulate how, when, why administration and preservation measures shall be performed.

Without SA no return on investment can be discussed, ESSArch can not be implemented effectively and the idea of an Enterprise Archive System can be of no usefulness. Therefore it is very important to develope a Submission Agreement, it is the foundation for the archive.

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