ES Solutions

ES Solutions is a company focusing on Information Governance. We’ve been working with e-archives since 2002. Our open-source solution for e-archiving is used by, amongst others, the National Archives of Sweden and Norway. ESSArch is also a part of the software-portfolio in the
CEF Building Block eArchiving.


ESSArch Digital Archive is an open source based solution for long-term preservation of digital information. It is cost effective, reliable, storage independent and easy to integrate into your existing environment. It is based on well known open standards and methods.

Supported specifications

ESSArch supports the specifications used by the National Archives of Sweden (FGS) and Norway. As contributors to EARK we also have strong support for the EARK-specifications

  • What we do
    We help organizations that need to get control over critical information. Our competence and experience covers both technical issues, rules and business processes.
    Our most common projects deal with:
    • Analyses
    • Data migrations
    • Procurement Support
    • Software development
    • Education/Training
  • Who hire us?
    We have customers both in the private and the public sector that uses ESSArch:
    • The Swedish National Archives
    • The National Archives of Norway
    • Sydarkivera
    • The Church of Sweden
    • KDRS


ES Solutions AB ▪ Norrholmsvägen 169 ▪ 132 31 Saltsjö-Boo ▪ Orgnr: 556628-9350



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