ESSArch is based on OAIS (Open Archival Information System, ISO 14721:2003) and further on developed to include both PreIngest and PreAccess functions, Storage Methodes and flexibility to add any metadata standard required. The main conceptual functions are based on traditional archiving preservation processes.

Supported specifications

ESSArch supports the specifications used by the National Archives of Sweden (FGS) and Norway we also have strong support for the EARK-specifications which we also have contributed to.

  • Pre-Ingest
    PreIngest is the function used to prepare packages for delivery according to Submission Agreement. Unstructured information becomes structured.
  • Ingest
    Ingest provides services for receiving submission information packages (SIP), quality checks and preparation for delivery of archival information packages (AIP) to storage infrastratucture.
  • Archival Storage
    ESSArch offers the possibility to use multiple storage methods and supports different storage technology for example Disk, Tape and S3.
  • Data management
    ESSArch offers a complete solutions for archival collections management. It adheres to ICA standards (ISAAR-CPF, ISAD-G, ISDF) and has functionality for managing accessions, locations, classifications and preservation planning of archival holdings.
  • Access
    Access provides services for receiving and resolving inquiries from Consumers. It fetches Archival Information Packages (AIP) and creates Dissemination Information Packages (DIP) if required and performes quality checks before delivery to PreAccess function.


Receive SIP and Create Generation 0 AIP

After a SIP has been submited either by ESSArchs pre-ingest functionality or by a submission from another source such as an ERMS the SIP is accessible in ESSArchs Reception Area



This part of the process allows users to approve an AIP for storage or if necessary either by institution policy or issues with the IP-content to do further processing


Store AIP

ESSArch offers the possibility to use multiple storage methods and the same IP can be stored on multiple locations for maximal redundancy and disaster recovery purposes. ESSArch supports different storage technology Disk, Tape, Virtual Filesystems or Cloud services like AWS S3.

Receive SIP


Receive SIP



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